Many stone works including Koshin-to Tower are erected in the precincts of temples and shrines and along the roads in Takahashi. They are one of the cultural properties familiar with the lives of local people. It also reflects the long-time high popularity of Koshin belief, which originates from Taoism introduced from China. Currently, 21 Koshin-to Towers are confirmed in the following settlements of this district.


1 Kami Hirata             Year of erection unknown


2 Yamane                  Erected in 1878

3 Shibachi                  Erected in 1794

4 Honjo                       Erected in 1872

5 Kaida                       Erected in 1855


6 Shimotsubo            Erected in the Edo Period


7 Shimochi                 Erected in 1896

8 Kamichi                   Erected in 1775

9 Sansaibara             Erected in 1822


10 Kawanobe            Erected in 1790

11 Yuri                         Year of erection unknown

12 Nougatani             Year of erection unknown

13 Kyoda                    Erected in 1755

14 Kotani                    Erected in 1849

15 Kuwagaki              Year of erection unknown


16 Kutani (1)              Erected in 1775

17 Kutani (2)              Year of erection unknown

18 Kawanobe            Erected in 1850

19 Deo                        Erected in the Edo Period

20 Nakamura             Erected in 1830

21 Miyauchi               Erected in the Edo Period