Ten years ago, we made the concept of “Takahashi Furusato Tanbo” (Touring Our Hometown, Takahashi). So it is a pleasure that we have finally completed this guidebook.

It is not rare to try to compile a book which introduces the local history and landmarks. But what distinguishes this guidebook from others is that we have focused on the importance that the local people should create it by themselves and for themselves. This project was completed in cooperation of people from each sub district as “the non-professional editorial team” had conducted all editorial and compiling operations such as collecting historical information, photographing and proofreading. We are proud of the originality of this locally made guidebook that it visualizes and consolidates the information which can be useful now and in the future.

We would like to thank the local people who have taken part in this meaningful project, those who have made efforts to urge community participation and lead them. Also we hope that the readers in 30 or 100 years’ time will give their hearts to their hometown and think “People in the past had been doing fine”.

What a wonderful world!