Kaguraden And Kabuki

Kaguraden Hall Of Oikube Hyozu-jinja Shrine (Yakoji)

The shrine built this hall in 1864. It faces the prayer hall and main hall in order to dedicate the Kagura performance to the god. Kagura is the Shinto music and dance numbers.

Farmer’s Kabuki stages have been built in the precincts of shrines since the Edo Period. They have functioned as a cultural and recreational venue of the village. They are designed to make the most of stage effects and borrowing landscapes.

Kabuki stage in Kasuga-jinja Shrine (Hirata)

Kabuki stage in Hiyoshi-jinja Shrine(Kurio)

Kabuki stage in Ichinomiya-jinja Shrine (Kubata)

Kabuki stage in Ninomiya-jinja Shrine (Ushiro)

Kabuki stage in Shingu-jinja Shrine (Higashinaka)

Kabuki stage in Muraoka-jinja Shrine (Yakoji)

Kabuki stage in Kumano-jinja Shrine (Okouchi)